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How much time do you think you spend on pavement each day? You have to count all the time you're driving — unless you're driving on dirt roads. You also have to count the time you spend walking across parking lots. Pavement is really important. That much is clear. Since pavement is so important, we thought we would start a blog to write a little more about pavement and pavement contractors. They deserve mention, too. They have a hard job and one that requires quite a lot of skill. We'll explain some of the skill behind pavement work on this blog, and we'll also dive into other related topics.



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5 Asphalt Seal Coating Questions First-Time Homeowners Need Answers To

What do you need to know about asphalt seal coating? You're a new homeowner with an old asphalt driveway. Take a look at the top questions that first-time homeowners have about asphalt, seal coating, repairs, and routine driveway maintenance. 

What Is Seal Coating?

As the name implies, seal coating is a coat (or layer) that helps to seal an asphalt driveway. This thin liquid membrane goes on top of existing asphalt and may prevent damage from the sun (UV rays), rain, snow, other types of weather, or some types of chemicals that may leak onto the driveway. It can stop rainwater or ice melt from getting into cracks. This can decrease the risk of serious issues or damage to the sub-driveway base.

Will This Service Repair Existing Driveway Damage?

Even though a seal coating service can temporarily keep water away from deeper crack surfaces and decrease the development of additional damage, it won't repair problem spots. Don't expect a seal coat service to fill deep cracks or change the look and shape of potholes in your driveway. If the asphalt has signs of significant wear or noticeable damage, the paving contractor will need to either fill the trouble spots or replace the surface of the driveway.

Will A Seal Coat Change the Look of the Driveway?

A seal coat won't dramatically change the look of your driveway. You shouldn't expect the asphalt to look brand-new or entirely different (in terms of color or texture) after this service. But it can add a subtle shine—especially if your driveway suffers from sun-fading discoloration. 

Is This a One-Time Only Service?

An asphalt seal coat service is part of routine driveway maintenance. An asphalt driveway will start to dry and turn brittle over time. This undesirable effect is the result of sun exposure and the elements. You will need to seal coat the surface every few years or when the driveway starts to show signs of wear. Ideally, you should seal coat the asphalt before cracks form or deepen.

How Long Should You Wait to Sealcoat a New Driveway?

According to the Asphalt Institute, most asphalt surfaces will not need this surface immediately after installation. Instead, you should wait between two and five years for the first seal coat application. The specific number of years between installation and the first seal coat depends on factors, such as the initial asphalt service (and the materials used), the weather or local climate, and the amount or type of use.

Contact a local seal coating service to learn more.